Phrases for graduation: 10 sentences ready to send greetings

When the degree arrives, you need to find the perfect phrase to congratulate.

By the way, what is the right wish for these occasions?

Let’s find out together.

Phrases for graduation: 10 sentences for congratulating the young doctor / doctor
We have thought of phrases that can be written by friends and relatives; something not too classic, which can adapt to the great occasion.

Phrase for friendly graduation
How many nights did you spend preparing exams? How many times have you put the alarm clock at dawn to study as many hours as possible? How many times have you asked yourself “Is it worth it?”

Here, it was really worth it! Congratulations Doctor, you were great! We are very happy for you.

Now offer us a drink.

Phrase for a degree written by relatives who have read a book by Murakami
We are really proud of you. This is an important step in your life: keep working towards the direction you feel most yours.

Become what you want, become what you are.
Good luck doctor!

Phrase for an epic and responsible degree
Target achieved! You have reached your goal, you have succeeded in making yourself a student and a man, behaving in a bold and responsible manner. You were fearless and you put all your heart into it, you knew how to face the path to the end: good, we are proud of you.

Phrase for sweet and literary degree
This is a new page that turns and fills the precious book of your life. There will be many others, all of great significance. Learn to read them all, there will always be written on them: never give up. Don’t leave any blank pages: live them all, and get to the end. We will always be with you. Congratulations doctor.

Phrase for graduation from famous quote
Now, on the day of your graduation, ready to begin a new adventure, I wish this to you. Be hungry. Be crazy.

From the speech by Steve Jobs to Stanford University

Best wishes for your degree. Now make your life a dream, a dream, a reality.

From a sentence by Antoine-Marie Roger de Saint-Exupery

Phrase for enthusiastic graduation
You were fantastic, great! You laid them out, you discussed the degree as a true professional. You were great, really great! Enjoy the moment and keep it up, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction you’ll see! We are very happy for you and very proud. VERY GOOD!

Sentence for synthetic degree
I’ve always thought: you’re great! And today you have shown it to everyone. Congratulations doctor!

Sentence for formal degree
We have always believed in your potential and today we had the confirmation. Very good! A hug full of respect.

  • Phrase for hopeful degree
  • Best wishes, and this is the springboard to reach new and important goals. We believe in you, with commitment everything is possible. Good luck, doctor!
  • Phrase for methodical degree
  • Step by step, things grow and goals are achieved: today you are an example of this process. Congratulations, you have been very good. Best wishes, we love you!

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