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It may seem strange, but one of the most frequently asked help requests is: “Do you know where I can find some examples for the dedication of my degree thesis?” Immediately followed by: “How is the graduation thesis dedicated?”.

Here is our advice.

Many say they don’t use anymore, others do it only on unofficial copies …
The dedication is not mandatory. In the thesis it is exclusively a choice of the student.

The thesis is not a book, or at least it is not when it is born in its first form. BUT we like it. It is an opportunity to put our gratitude on paper.

Usually the thesis can be dedicated to a person who is special to us or who has had a fundamental role in our training and growth path.

Have you decided to include the dedication in your degree thesis? Perfect!
In this case we advise you to insert the dedication on the next page on the title page, before giving thanks and leaving the back white if you choose front / back printing. Do not number the page dedicated to the dedication.

Here are some examples of dedication:
To my parents, my brother and my whole family, thanks to whom I am the person I am and to whom I can only say a sincere thanks

To my friend (or friend … with the name of Baptism): source of inspiration and daily support

A … name of the person

To my grandmother (or various relatives), guide and stimulus for my personal and professional growth.

In short, to dedicate your degree thesis, it is enough to think of a person / people who are important to us. To those people who are always in our lives. We like simple dedications (then you can vent all your sentimentality on the page of thanks).

Pretty also the idea of ​​inserting a “famous phrase” in which we mirror ourselves. The important thing is that it is short and not a poem.

In the Guides and Resources section you can find other valuable tips for your thesis. Enjoy the reading!

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