DO NOT copy the thesis!

Last week we heard a lot about the copied thesis.

The news is that even a German minister has copied it or that some Italian mayor claimed to be a graduate when he is not. And then the spotlight focuses on one of the oldest professions of the student: the art of copying. We are already starting in elementary school to develop this art. Someone says that to learn one must also imitate someone … Lorenz also said it with his learning theories!

Too bad that in this specific case … especially for the thesis … we risk being ducks instead of doctors. “Jokes aside”, the fact remains that this topic is always interesting and current.

The temptation is there around the corner. Just wait a moment of demotivation to attack us and make us want to “take a peek” and a subsequent “copy-paste” to some thesis. With the internet this life has become very simple So find how you can manage with quick essay . First it was necessary at least to make a few trips by car to the library of another university.

It was not good to copy from a home companion, better to get away a bit! Now instead … just a click, a download and 2 more exhausting clicks: “Copy” and “Paste”. And the little devil on our shoulder laughs as the little angel falls to the ground in despair! But the thesis is almost ready. I add a few sentences to make it a little more my work but … little effort.

In short, there is the temptation. Needless to deny it. We are always looking for the fastest and most painless solutions. But when we will be proclaimed next to some fellow who has been sweating for months on his thesis … the lump in my throat will also come to the shrewdest.

Especially if our vote will be even higher but only if we don’t run into the fantastic modern methods of control that some universities adopt every day. Otherwise the risk of the fool is very high! And when we introduce ourselves to a company … well surely it will not be spontaneous to tell about our thesis.

Sin!!! Too bad because the degree thesis is perhaps the first and sometimes the only opportunity to do a job really ours. It could become our “buttonhole”. You might as well take advantage of the opportunity, don’t you ??? Even if you want some effort, a few nights in white and endless cups of coffee!

Law 633/1941 also says:

“The thesis, of degree, of specialization, of master, of diploma, is the work of the genius and as such is protected by the law on copyright”

The thesis represents an act owed to the University for the purposes of obtaining a university degree, and as such must be treated as an archive element.

Furthermore, since it is the work of the genius, and therefore an information resource, the degree, specialization, master’s and diploma thesis is protected by law (provisions of articles 1 and 2 of law 633 of 1941 on copyright).

But it is the student, as an author, who has the last word on the deposit of the degree thesis in archives, libraries, online collections, etc. It is the student who decides what to make available for consultation.

In the coming days we will tell you what it means to become the author of a thesis, what rights are acquired and what can be done with one’s thesis (in addition to obtaining a degree). But the gist of the speech will always be: “Don’t copy your degree thesis!”

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